Valentine’s Night alone on the Eiffel Tower – support Aware’s lonesome heart

14 Feb

Black fabric with red roses
For the Valentine’s Day that’s in it… Sponsor the brave Íde to be stood up on the most romantic night of the year.

This 14 February, Íde is doing her third and final annual Valentine’s solo challenge. This year, she’s going up the Eiffel tower by herself. The more money she raises for Aware, the more she will subject herself to:

  • over €100: she’ll “wait” alone at the bottom for half an hour
  • over €200: she’ll wear red (including a béret) to stand out
  • over €300: she’ll carry a heart-shaped balloon
  • over €400: she’ll order a glass of pink champagne and wait in the bar at the top
  • over €500: she’ll ask for her photo to be taken at the top
  • over €600: she’ll keep “ringing” someone

Íde’s open to suggestions, so post your ideas and sponsor her on her Facebook page.

The Irish charity Aware aims to create a society in which those with depression and their families are understood and supported, are free from stigma and have access to a range of appropriate therapies to enable them to reach their full potential.

Aware – helping to defeat depression


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