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Short-lived impulses – Irish Times comments on US study on suicide

14 Feb

Reported in the Irish Times today, research by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in the US indicates that it is possible that in many cases of suicide the person who died had no intention of taking their life until a very short time before the event itself.

Almost 25 per cent of the 15-34 year olds studied said they decided to kill themselves less than five minutes before their ‘nearly lethal’ attempt. Only one in eight had made the decision a day or more before attempting suicide.

The study indicates that many attempted suicides are reactions to a temporary crisis.

Writing about the study, Padraig O’Morain, who is accredited as a counsellor by the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, suggests that young people need to be educated on how to handle distress in non-lethal ways – before the impetus for an impulsive suicide attempt arises.

Read the article, which links to the US study, here